Lakes Entrance Victoria


Lakes Entrance Things to Do

If you are at Victoria in Australia, you can spend quality time going high on the fun meter with many of the Lakes Entrance things to do. The place is the meeting point of the lakes with the sea. It is very difficult to find a dull moment at this fascinating place.

What's in the “TO DO” list?

The Gippsland Lake is the place for water-based activities. You can have fun swimming and walking the footbridge to the Ninety Mile Beach.

In winters, you will find plenty of activities at the Lakes Entrance. The weather this time is cool, so you are all set for enjoying some hiking, sailing or fishing.

The other things that you can enjoy here include boating, go-karting, Aerial Skydiving at the Airport, a visit to the Art & Paint Gallery at Lakes Entrance and the visit to Bowl Club or the Museum.

Some uncommon things to do that will be really adventurous

You will love to go for the glow worm tours that are arranged at the night. At night, the glow worms make for a pretty sight that is invisible in the daylight. You will love to roam at the peaceful locales at night and see the starry beings flying softly and creating a brilliant look in the environment. If you are a couple, you will love to hold hands and be a witness to this beautiful sight.

Moreover, if you like to try your hand at mini golf, then you can do this at the two quality golf courses in Lakes Entrance. The golf courses come with restaurant and are rated to be among the top 100 public access golf clubs in Australia.

You can also go hunting for the scallops. Scallop shells grow to a height of 140 mm and mature at the end of the first year. This is a unique form of activity, which will keep you engrossed and entertain you highly.

Once you are at Victoria in Australia, you will know the speciality of the place and get spoiled for choices when it comes to the number of enthusiastic activities the place boasts of. Come and lose all control over yourself; be carefree and enjoy yourself to the hilt with plenty of Lakes Entrance things to do.